Could an elephant cough

Given that humans can cough, (mammals) elephants can cough too.

If you have a cough and iqos 2.4 fever what is it?
A cough and fever could be anything, iqos heets cesitleri since pretty much any flu and cold could come with a cough and fever. A cough and fever is exhibited by pretty much every flu and cold in the world.

What could cause a dog to cough?
A lot of things could cause your dog to cough. Such as kennel cough or congestive heart disease. That is why it is best to take your dog into be examined by your Veterinarian to see what it actually is caused by.

Could an elephant kill an anaconda?
an elephant could crush an anaconda to death, so yes.

What could cause a person to cough or sneeze when a cat is near?
Allergies could cause a person to cough or sneeze whenever a cat is around them.

What is a medication used to relieve or prevent coughing?
It depends whether your cough produces mucus or not. If your cough does not produce mucus, then you could use an expectorant (Mucinex). If your cough does produce mucus, then you could use a suppressant (Delsym).

How long will it take to cure a cough?
The time it will take to cure a cough depends on its cause. A cough from a mild upper respiratory infection generally goes away within seven to fourteen days. Cough from pertussis could last three months. Cough due to chronic bronchitis or cystic fibrosis could last years.

How can you make someone sick?
To make someone sick, you could cough on them or have someone who is ill cough on them.

You have had a mild sore throat sporadic loss in voice and a dry cough for 5 weeks what could this be?
maybe it could be laringitis, just with a common cough

Could an elephant live with a human?
no because the elephant will sit on them

What to eat when having a cough?
Cough drops, cough syrup, or cough medicine such as Vick's Formula 44M. You could also try drinking water, because some people cough due to a dry throat. Drinking liquids ends some coughs.

Ferrets with a fever and cough?
a ferret that has a fever and a cough could be caused by one of several illnesses. contact your veterinarian

What does Bella and edward do in their the cottage?
Well you could say they.... cough, cough, fool around a little if you know what i mean.

Your cat has a cough What is wrong with her?
It could be anything from hair balls to Lung failure. Is the cough steady? Does the cough crackle? Does the cat cough up anything? According to most veterinarians, coughing and wheezing is sign of asthma in cats.

Can you take aspirin and cough syrup at same time?
It depends on the contents of the cough syrup. If the cough syrup contains a blood thinner, taking that along with the aspirin could be dangerous.

Could a walrus kill an elephant?
No. The elephant would crush the walrus to death before the walrus stabbed its tusks in the elephant.

What could be the problem if the left side of your head hurts when you cough?
Stress induced headache that is minor it only comes out when you cough.

Why does your Cocker Spaniel cough all the time?
A regular cough in a dog can be a symptom of "kennel cough," which the canine version of cold or flu, or it could be allergies, or it could be something much worse. Take your dog to the vet ASAP to find out what's wrong and learn how to treat it.

Could a rhino kill an elephant or not?
yes they could

Could an elephant be a pet?
No you can not.

Could vaporizing cough syrup kill you?
This depends on your definition of vaporizing and what is done after vaporizing it. Assuming this is a illicit drug use related question, then yes, breathing cough syrup vapours could kill you or at least damage your lungs. Cough syrup is intended to be ingested, not inhaled.

Can a bison kill an elephant?
No. An elephant would trample a bison to death. A bison could not gore its horns into the elephant because the elephant has thick skin to protect itself from injuries.

How can you make a vehicle without airbags safe to drive?
Possibly make it extremely slow, *cough* *cough* Prius *cough* *cough* Smartcar. The smartcar isn't really safe but it's slow. Or you could make an extremely cushy interior I guess.

Why do you taste sulfur when you cough?
If you taste sulfur when you cough you might have an infection of some kind. This could be the after taste of cough medicine for instance. It is best to mention this to the doctor if this happens more than once.

Can dogs take human cough serum?
No. There are cough tabs available from your vet. It is recommended that you see the vet to determine why your dog is coughing. The coughing could stem from kennel cough, heartworms, or infection.

Is it bad if you cough up blood?
Yes 'cause that means that you could have tuberculosis. If you cough out blood consult a doctor about it right away!

What is a coughing spell?
To try and get a cough away the best thing to do is just take cough medication and cough sweets and see the doctor because it could be a chance that its a infection or your coming down with an infection or it could just be a virus or it can be lug cancer just see your doctor to be on the safe side !

Who would win brown bear vs elephant?
elephant could step on brown bear

Who would win crocidile or elephant?
Crocodile and elephant could both kill each other.

Can you mix Chinese medicine and Western cough mixture for cough?
Generally ,Chinese medicine is herbal and the Western cough medicine is not. Herbs interact with other ingredients and by mixing the two you could get a bad reaction. I wouldn't mix them. Use one or the other, but not together. Some herbs double of effects of things like aspirin or other ingredients that could be found in the cough medicine.

Is an elephant stronger than a tiger?
Yes, they certainly are. Get in the way of an elephant and all they have to do is step on you to finish you. So an elephant could turn a tiger into tiger soup real quick, making them stronger and the most feared animal in their regions. However, that does not mean that a tiger could cause bodily harm to an elephant. If many tigers band together, they could take down an elephant, but there...

How can taking too much cough syrup with codeine affect your breathing?
IF you take an overdose, the cough medicine could have an alternative reaction to your body.

For what could a chronic cough be symptomatic?
There are a variety of things that a chronic cough can be symptomatic of. Some things that could be the cause are asthma, allergies, respiratory tract infection, GERD, pollution, bronchitis or lung cancer.

Could a lion beat an elephant?
A lion would not take on a fully grown elephant as an elephant could easily trample them to death. They are able to weigh up risk in order to judge wether a prey is manageable or not. They may however try and get a baby elephant if it got separated from it's family.

Why does your chest hurt when you cough or laugh?
You could have pneumonia or bronchitis.

What does it mean when your stomach hurts when you cough?
You could have a hydel herniah

Are coughing and allergies related?
It could be, allergies can cause you to cough

Why does your throat itch when you have a cough sometimes?
Your throat could be irritated from coughing. It could also be from allergies.

What could be wrong if you keep coughing but you don't have a cold and you just got your tonsils out?
Any irritation to the throat, bronchial tubes or lungs can cause a cough. Having your tonsils removed definitely irritates your throat and can cause a cough. However, to know for sure what is causing the cough and to find out if the cough could cause a problem after the recent tonsillectomy (such as trigger bleeding), it would be good to contact the surgeon who removed your tonsils and report the cough for them to determine...

How do you say 'elephant' in Punjabi?
hati. For future references you could use google as your help

What can be the causes of a persistent iqos 3 lacivert week old cough which is worsening and cough medicines such as robitussin will not help?
Persistent cough for three weeks make your physician to think about tuberculosis. You should probably see your primary care physician to see what is causing the cough. A persistent cough could be something serious such as pneumonia, bronchitis, tuberculosis as mentioned above, lung cancer, or something else. It could also be something more benign like a post-viral cough, iqos zararlari but it would be best to see your doctor and have them examine you to make sure...

What does it mean when you cough up red mucus?
If you cough up red mucus then it could be indicative of a serious medical problem. You should consult a doctor.

Can carbocisteine relieve cough?
The main function of Carbocisteine is to loosen mucus and help clear sputum. As a result, it could help to somewhat relieve a cough.

Where can one purchase an elephant necklace?
There are many different kinds of elephant necklaces. If you want a simple 3D elephant with beautiful ornaments you could choose the WWF elephant necklace designed and sold by Juicy Couture

Are you able to have an elephant as your pet?
NO!! the elephant will die unless you live in Africa recommended NOOOOOOO!!!!! Elephants should be wild!!!!! P.S. Dont get an elephant it could turn evil

Which would win elephant or chicken?
The elephant and chicken are such different species that they would not fight each other, but if they did, the elephant could easily kill the chicken by just stepping on it.

Is an elephant vaginal opening larger than a whales?
no concidering you could prolly put a elephant in a whales vagina

Can you lick an elephant?
if your a female and your looking at a man elephant you could definetly lick his penis even though it weird

Can a werewolf kill an elephant?
Yes. A werewolf could claw and slash down the elephant with its huge claws/teeth.

Can chronic cough result from bulimia?
Since bulimia is where someone forces them self to vomit, they COULD get a chronic cough. Since the stomach acid in the vomit can erode at the skin the the throat, it will irritate the skin, therefore making you want to cough.

What do you do to help a cough?
you could; swallow a spoon full of honey every morning or take cough medicine or sleep on your side at night. I hope these cures work for you!!

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