Is Justin Biebers throat cancer cured

Justin Bieber never had throat cancer but I do know that he has had surgery on his throat.

How can strep throat be cured?
Penicillin V is the drug of choice for strep throat. You have to give treatment for ten days. If you give treatment for shorter duration, you may land up in not getting cured of the disease. You may get rheumatic fever after three weeks. The usual dose is penicillin V 250 mg three times a day for ten days. Two times a day can do. But if patient forgets one dose, it becomes once a...

Cure strep throat?
Strep throat can be cured with antibiotics.

Can Cancer be completely cured?
Some forms of cancer can be cured if diagnosed and treated early enough.

What can be cured by antibiotics?
bacteria, sore throat and bacterical infection can be cured by antibiotics. thank you.

Cervical Cancer can be cured in which 2 ways?
cancer can be cured by having either radiotherapy or lazer treatment

What is incurable cancer?
Incurable cancer is a cancer that can't be cured.

Will cancer ever be cured?
Yes cancer will be cured but it may take a century's while to find the right periodic to it.

What is the cure for strep throat?
strep throat is a bacterial infection most commonly cured with antibiotics.

Does Kevin Bacon have cancer?
No but apparently he cured cancer.

Is there a cure for dog cancer?
No, cancer has not been cured yet.

What do you do if strep throat does not get better?
You complete the course of penicillin for ten days. That means your strep throat is cured. You need to consult the physician for pain in throat.

Can a person with stage 3 cancer be cured?
Only early detected cancers can be cured. Advanced cases cannot be cured.

Why can strep throat be cured with antibiotics?
Untreated or incompletely treated, the strep throat can lead to rheumatic fever after three weeks.

Can throat infection be cured by lozenges?
No, lozenges are only meant to help with the sore throat pain. If you have a virus or infection, they will not do a thing.

When was cancer first cured?
We still don't have a cure for cancer. We do have treatments for it though.

Can Brain Cancer Be Cured?
it depends on what stage you are on

How can blood cancer be cured?
are you still alive??

Can colon cancer be cured?
by grabbing it and taking it out

What diseases have not been cured?
Cancer, but it can be treated

Can rectal cancer be cured?
Yes, if it is caught in time and has not spread to other organs or the bones. Any cancer can be cured if caught in time. We all have cancer cells in our body, it is whether or not these cells metastasize (spread) that determines our outcome.

What actors and actresses appeared in What If Cannabis Cured Cancer - 2010?
The cast of What If Cannabis Cured Cancer - 2010 includes: Roseanne Barr as Connie Cancer Peter Coyote as Narrator Malcolm McDowell as Kurt Cannabis

Cancer is a funny thing by haldane?
cancer is not a funny thing STUPIDMy friend made cancer and also cured it

Can a disease cure a disease For example Can Cancer be cured by Sickle Cell Anemia?
well no cancer can not be cured by sickle celled anemia because sickle cell is the abnormalty of the shape of the cell.

What cancer can be cured?
There is no cure for cancer. There are treatments such as medication, radiation, and chemotherapy that may send it into remission.

Does Wayne Dyer have cancer?
yes Wayne Dyer had Cancer but was cured by John of God and speaks about it.

Is breast cancer a terminal illness?
No, iqos heets cesitleri the majority are cured.

How do you know when you have cured tonsillitis?
Your throat will not hurt anymore, and the redness and white spots will be gone.

How long does lung cancer last if you get it?
Lung cancer can last or whole life. I don't know if lung cancer could be cured

What does it mean when your doctor says your cancer is cured?
It means your cancer is gone but if they say your cancer is still there and it could start its course again.

How can testicular cancer be cured homeopathically?
you cannot treat cancer that way, you need proper medical treatment.

What percentage of teens are cured from cancer?
sadly bout 29%

What is the name of the first person who cured cancer?
Alfred gilman

What types of cancer can't be cured by radiation therapy?

Would there be a financial catastrophe if cancer was cured tomorrow?
No, of course not.

Do you always die if you have terminal cancer?
Yes. Terminal cancer isn't necessarily a TYPE of cancer, but rather a stage. It's when it cannot be cured.

What are the release dates for What If Cannabis Cured Cancer - 2010?
What If Cannabis Cured Cancer - 2010 was released on: USA: 5 July 2010 USA: 21 November 2010 (Williamsburg Independent Film Festival)

What illness is treated using radium?
Cancer. Is is sometimes cured by the beams of radium, treatinc cancer in and outside of the body.

Does tapioca cure cancer?
I came to know through a doctor, who got cured of her cancer by eating Tapioca (Manioc) 30 grams, Vaporesso Revenger 220W Aspire AVP AIO POD Kit Elektronik Sigara 3 times a day.There are other patients too who got cured of liver-cancer by eating tapioca.This has to be taken for 3 months to get results.

In lung cancer what does remission mean?
Cancer remission is often thought to mean that the cancer has been cured. However, this is not always true. There are different classifications of remission - complete and partial remission. Complete remission means that there are no signs or symptoms of cancer. This can mean the cancer has been cured, or cancer may still be present in the body. Partial remission refers to the point when few signs and symptoms of cancer remain, however there...

What is terminal prostrate cancer?
It means the cancer has moved beyond the prostate gland to the lymph nodes. At this point the cancer can not be cured and will eventually kill the person.

What was important to the people about Marie curie's discovery?
some cured cancer

What diseases have been cured by using human testing?
cancer diseases

Is breast cancer be cured?
yes it can as long as you haven't left it to long

Is rvd's wife dying?
no, she had Colon Cancer, but has since been cured

Is cancer curable?
Yes, cancer is totally curable. This is why early screening is very important. This doesn't mean that all cancer patients can be cured, but more than 80% of cancers today are completely curable if treated early. For IQOS Heets Bronze Sigara Tütünü fiyat a cancer to be curable there are three factors: Type of cancer that a patient has, the stage of the cancer and how well the patient responds to the kind of treatment that is decided for him/her. There...

What Houston rockets player had cancer?
Former Houston Rockets Player/Coach was diagnosed with bladder cancer, but has been cured of it.

Can cervical cancer come back?
Yes cervical cancer can back. Mainly there are 90% diseases can come back after they are cured.

How long does skin cancer stay on your body?
"cancer" usually stays in the bottom until death, or if some cases, iqos 3 Heets Purple Sigara Tütünü if there is a cure...which skin cancer can be treated, but not cured.

Can prostate cancer be cured?
When localized/regional, it has a 5-year survival rate of 100% and is almost always cured. When it spreads, the chances drop significantly.

Can blood cancer be cured?
no.........blood cancer cannot be...cured....nd why? becoz.........the blood cells jst can be supressed but not be removed....we can degrowth the...........the affected cells by the chemotherapy and by bone marrow transplantation ........these therapies just give the relief frm the disease.......

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